Most Exciting Album Of 2012 Could Be…

No, don’t get excited, I am not making an album.

But your favourite heiress, the young lady who owns a hotel on the A33 Reading Relief Road, yes Miss Travelodge is releasing an album.

She has been to over 100 raves last year so she clearly knows her stuff.  That is approximately 9 times what I have been to, and I reckon I know my stuff so do not doubt her.

She thinks there are so many great DJs right now.  I have to agree with her.  She is right.

She has always had a passion for house music.  So have I.  Ever since the age of 9.  Was she born then?  Probably, just, so she will have had a passion for house music for a bit long than me then.

“Hey, look at me, I’m standing next to a DJ”

This, my dear readers, is why I never go behind the decks, no matter how close a friend I might be with the DJ playing.

However, if someone is willing to buy me a very sparkly headband like the lovely Miss Hilton has on then I will pose for photos next to a DJ and say through gritted smiling teeth “do you know how much money I have?”.  Only in Ibiza though.

I don’t really have much else to say on the subject, other than that I think I have set myself my 16th goal for 2012, now that both me and Paris are legitimate house DJs (new mix released yesterday, hint hint!) – hey, this is turning into some kind of promotion for me now…good work James…by the way if fabric are reading and they want to book me, I promise to wear said silver hearband.

Oh yeah, 16th goal, a back to back session with Paris Hilton.  I bet not many guys dream of that.


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