My Birthday Plans

Some people hide from celebrating their birthday, but not me, not even though I am turning a wise 32 very shortly.

Me being me, I am not having just one celebration – I am having two.  Two or three, depending on whether Hull City win.

Saturday 14th January (8 days before my birthday) I am going to fabric as some kind of unofficial birthday celebration for myself (and JP, don’t tell him I said anything as he likes to hide his birthday!) – Mr C, and the amazing Konrad Black in the main room, techier stuff in room 2 and some really good underground house DJs in room 3.

Saturday 21st January is my official birthday celebration – me and my sister (and anyone else who dares) are going to watch Hull City vs Reading at the Majeski during the day.  Tickets are approx £20 and can be bought on the day.  And in the evening going to the Oakford for drinks and we shall see what happens.

This is your invite.  There is no Facebook event.  How controversial.

It would be nice if at least a few of my friends came along, especially if I came to your birthday, at least to the Oakford bit as I know many people are skint in January or on detox, etc, but it isn’t much of a commitment to pop down for a ‘diet coke’ and it could be fun.  Of course I would be extra delighted if any more people than have already agreed come to fabric or the football, but these are fair-sized commitments so I wouldn’t expect anyone.


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