The Motherland

I have been to the Motherland…yes, back up north to Hull and I can tell you that nothing has changed since I last visited…which was Easter.  It is kind of nice though, everything is pretty reliable.

I had a good time with the family and caught up with the only friend from school that was worth keeping in touch with, which was well overdue…but I don’t want to bore you so I have some pictures instead:

This was a sculpture that I made after pub dinner on the Sunday

My mother does not like me messing around with things.  Good job I was not interested in science as a school child.

I was treat well – gravy topped up of course, and my gran’s mince pies too – with icing!  You won’t get them at Greggs.  They can only do poor imitations.

That was a really boring blog post wasn’t it?  I shall conjure up something special soon I promise…

There was a young woman at Goole station in hotpants.  And she wasn’t ugly.  She didn’t wave to me though.

Maybe I should turn to poetry?

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