fabric’s 12th Birthday

Just in case you don’t know from previous blog posts – I love fabric and I go here more than every other nightclub put together.

There was no way that I was going to miss their birthday, having missed their birthday last year.

Even if it meant going by myself.

Thankfully that was not the case as my new dancing partner was for the third time in five Saturday’s up for the mission.

For some reason I was a little apprehensive on the way there and quiet, I was trying to save energy as I wasn’t quite as stocked up on energy as usual and was unusually sober for my standards, normally I get way too excited during the day, or the night before, but not the case this time, probably because I didn’t know until 5pm that I definitely had a dancing partner.

There was a massive queue to get in even for us members when I arrived at midnight and it took quite a while to get in, something I am not used to as a member.  By time we walked in and saw that Ricardo was not on until 10am, my heart sank a little, as I kind of realised that neither me or my dancing partner were likely to last that long…I was hoping he would be on by 7am, though I was not expecting that to be the case!

Anyway, we chilled out for an hour, had a couple of drinks before deciding to hit the dancefloor, my favourite one, room one, for the last of Space Dimension Controller’s set, I didn’t know much about him except for a good RA podcast last year but I was suitably impressed with the party nature of his music and some really old classics that I wouldn’t expect any other time from fabric’s birthday.

Followed by Maya Jane Coles who I think is the most-over-rated of the new DJs, I just don’t connect at all with her music.  I gave her a chance but neither of us could get into it.  Each to their own.

Followed this by some Soul Clap in a very popular room three, the only crowded room of the night, and the only DJ (technically DJs, ok) that I saw this night that I had previously seen – it was by quite some way my favourite set of the night and I even enjoyed the 90’s r’n’b kind of stuff which was a complete change of styles – I was expecting it and enjoying it but for my dancing partner she really did not!  I wouldn’t force house music onto an unwilling dance partner so certainly wasn’t going to force r’n’b onto her!

Cue a bit of chilling out, and a bit of Margaret Dygas who I was quite impressed with but frustratingly I was starting to feel a bit ill…not one to give up easily though so somewhere near an hour of a stomp to Ben Klock was in order, much tougher music than I prefer, really enjoyed the first 30 minutes or so but it became too cold and repetitive for both of us.

We soon realised, as if we hadn’t already done that we didn’t have the stamina for Ricardo, but again I was unwilling to give up quite so early so a visit to see Rhadoo was in order, with the thought that maybe if he was amazing, it would make up for missing Ricardo or would inspire us to make it to 10am.  He was far from inspiring, but I did get into his repetitive minimal grooves…however it weren’t to be tonight.

Atmosphere-wise, birthdays are just amazing nights and this was no different, everyone seemed to make a real effort and there were many less idiots than usual, and a lot of beautiful people…myself included, of course 😉  And lots of space on the dancefloor, well except for room three at times.

I got less enjoyment out of it then my previous two nights here but that isn’t to take anything away from an absolutely fantastic event that fabric put on…just down to me not quite being as up for it as usual.

That is very likely to be my last visit to fabric in 2011, mostly due to my lack of income, also perhaps I have over-killed it with 3 visits in 5 weekends, but I have been about 8-10 times which I am most satisfied with given that it isn’t always easy to persuade someone to join me!  Though it has been very easy the last few times…a big thank you…I know you will be reading 😉

Next up are two exciting trips for very different reasons, one to the least exciting place in the world, and one to arguably one of the most exciting places.  Hull, and Berlin.  I will let you judge which is the most exciting.

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