My German Love Affair

I found myself cheering surprisingly loudly for the Germans yesterday, when they were playing Argentina.

I hope every right-thinking person could smile when they saw that cheating Diego Maradona’s Argentinian team were thrashed by the ever-efficient and organised Germany.

I took great pleasure in it. Cheating and deceiving should not be rewarded with victory.

And also, the Germans do a huge amount of good for me (and therefore by association, I hope they do for you too).

They manufacture excellent products, they didn’t over-extend themselves with debt like the UK and many other European countries have done, and now, although they are suffering the consequences of other European countries economic profligacy due to being in the Euro but not having being reckless in their spending, they are rescuing and propping up other countries in the Euro-zone like Spain and Greece, which really did take the piss economically.

Let the Germans have their glory. They deserve it as they are trying to save Europe, the European Union and the Euro as a currency. And as much as we might moan about silly little rules, the EU makes our lives far easier and more enjoyable.

Oh, and they gave us Sven Vath!

And their beer is better. And Bratwurst – oh my. And the women…

I need to stop writing or I will be on the first plane to Berlin.

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