Thursday Night Syndrome

Last night was the first night in quite some time that I did not experience Thursday Night Syndrome.


4 days at work.
3 evenings in by myself doing productive but ultimately fairly dull things.
3-4 days and nights without consuming alcohol, etc.
The sense that I can now step into my weekend budget from my weekday budget.
Any excitement about what lays ahead on Friday and Saturday.


A propensity to have a drink or two or four, depending on social outcomes.
A propensity to then have a couple more of drinks at home which were intended for the weekend.
An unusually high enjoyment of channels such as BBC Parliament.
A rash of inspiration, such as deciding to draft a letter to a member of the House of Lords after watching BBC Parliament, investigations into newly-inspired scientific theories, especially about the weather and climate…and many others which tend to be forgotten unless I have written them down.
A distinct inability to sleep due to my new-found levels of inspiration, sometimes leading to further frustration and another drink or two to try to get to sleep.
On rare occasions, a complete lack of sleep.


A desire to do nothing at work on Friday.
An incapability to do anything at work on Friday.
A strong desire to have a couple of beers at lunch otherwise fearing self-destruction. And a good excuse not to work for an hour or two.
A strange desire not to go out on the Friday night and to have an early night.


I feel the benefits of Thursday Night Syndrome generally, currently outweigh the negatives. As last night was the first night without Thursday Night Syndrome for some time, one assumes I will now go on a 36-hour bender tonight into tomorrow…after all I’ve actually slept!

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