My Jubilee Weekend

I didn’t really celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee like I should have.

I love the Queen, I would have liked a trip to London and probably would have gone by myself had the weather been better but I had nobody to go with and wasn’t bothered enough to get soaking wet by myself.

The Royal Wedding was one of my best days of 2011.  I had other priorities this time.  I was thinking more about myself this time.  How selfish.  Sorry Queeny.

On Saturday I ended up having a wander around the festival of Weather, Art and Music, though I was only really interested in the weather stuff and speaking to people with a similar passion to mine, in fact everyone I spoke with  it seemed like it was their life.  I did a blog post about it on Saturday so if you are interested about it more then you know where to look.

Most importantly I am now a proud member of The Weather Club.

Elsewhere at Milk Bar on Sunday was another highlight, with excellent music from 4 top DJs from start to finish.

However the one noticeable thing was just how quiet it was.  To be fair, the weather was truly awful, Reading as a whole was dead all weekend, and they were competing with the Queen.

I am not sure if I am yet in a position to give advice, June 23rd will be the test of this, however I’m not one to keep quiet and one thing I would suggest is to get off Facebook and get out and about in Reading promoting it.  As far as things stand at the moment, Elsewhere is my favourite party in Reading (I am sure I might prefer my own party more when it happens but that is only natural) – it just needs more awareness.

Even I came close to doing a couple of other things instead of Elsewhere – it seemed as though it was assumed I would go – nobody asked me.  People like to feel involved in things, people like to feel invited, or to be invited.  I’m not necessarily talking about me as I will go to whatever I feel like going to, but there is a market for good house music in Reading – however you need to get out there, get talking about your event, and get other people talking about it.

It is up to the new generation of promoters with a love for the music to restart the underground house scene in Reading – with a bit of love, dedication and promotion it can be done and Elsewhere deserves to be one of the most talked about parties in the local area – it has all the right ingredients, just get out and talk about it more!

The rest of my weekend seemed to be taken up with idea generation.  I am absolutely firing when it comes to generating ideas at the moment.  From DJ set ideas to event ideas to multi-national global business ideas (and I am talking potential turnover of hundreds of millions – crazy but it is an amazing idea however how the fuck does little old me get such a business up and running?!).

I am absolutely firing like never before.

However I have long thought of myself as an ideas man but can I convert them into reality?  Look how long it has taken to convert the Free House Project from concept to reality (2.5 years).  Look how long it took me to buy decks.  I’ve only wanted to learn web design for about 2 years and I just don’t have time to fulfil all my plans on that, although at least I started.

One day dear readers, one day it will all come good.

For now, I will just continue to enjoy myself.

Most importantly, there is lots more enjoyment to come – a very good friend’s birthday on Friday, a very good friend’s leaving do on Saturday, see my parents and sister in Oxford on Saturday during the day – and a small matter of the football.

I fucking love life…its brilliant, isn’t it?! X

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