I Love You England!

Wow. Up yours Scotland. We are going to win the Euro’s. We have your oil and you just have haggis, we were once Champions of the World and now we are going to be Champions of Europe and all you have apart from the Loch Ness Monster is something almost equally as mythical in a victory over Holland many decades ago – and exactly how good are Holland? Nil poit, that is how good. Though at least they made it there.

Again, we are proving that we are world-beaters, and this time luck is not going against us. Of course, we may still have to play Germany unless the Greeks get revenge for now having to pay tax, also known as austerity, on the evil Germans (sorry Sven, love you really). And we all know that Germany always employ tricks to beat England, like getting Gazza sent off, bribing linesmen, or practising penalties in advance.

So even though we are best in the world now, I do have to accept that we might not beat ze Germans.

Oh, apart from the fact that Ukraine were apparently better than us in every area last night except goals scored. I shall overlook that for now.

And what is more, a big, huge, thank you has to go to Sweden for ensuring France didn’t finish above England. For if France finished top and England second, England would have been playing on Saturday night which would have probably meant less people at the launch of Free House Project – I don’t want football to get in the way of the clubbing revolution that I am launching. So the Free House Project is free to be what it should be on Saturday and that makes me even more happier than England proving they are the best team in the world, bar none, ever.

I am so looking forward to Free House Project on Saturday and I really do hope that a few of my good friends will be there to support me. I cannot believe how much of my life it has consumed over the last month or so, I have enjoyed it but I need a few happy faces on Saturday, as I haven’t done it just for my own enjoyment. It should get easier in the future as it has been a steep learning curve, I never for a second thought it would be a walk in the park organising and creating the Free House Project but there have been significantly more challenges that I expected though I did set myself high standards to achieve. I did want to have monthly parties but it might have to be less often than that, at least to start with. Unless it is a total flop then it will be a one-off to be remembered never by nobody…but surely it will be a success of sorts at least? Please!!!

And on a final note, up yours Sepp Blatter you secret Nigerian Scotsman. Stick your World Cup up your backside. Even the Scots will probably agree with me that the Euro’s are a far better standard of football than the World Cup, and a much more enjoyable tournament full stop. No pointless games, no dodgy footballs that only the Germans can use, no Vuvuzela’s (I still have mine, he he he!!!) – and the Ukraine and Poland seem to have done a very good job at organising and hosting said tournament.

Of course, it could well be known as the second best tournament ever if and when England win it.


Ps, I have just had a brain-wave – let’s give Scotland to Argentina to stop them banging on about the Falklands. How do I start a petition?

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