My Music History – 1994/95 – Twilight FM

I’ve always had an obsession with at least one form or other of dance music pretty much from when I first discovered it back in 1989, though until 1994, my only opportunity to hear new dance music was via the 2-3 hours of Pete Tong’s Essential Mix on Radio 1, from 1991.

Discovering Twilight FM, a pirate radio station in Hull, circa 1994, changed all of that for me.

It would start every week on a Friday evening, sometimes a Thursday if lucky, and go on through to the early hours, and then starting up late morning.  Except if they had been raided by the authorities or had their equipment stolen by smackheads.

During the day it played more in the way of house music and more commercially-minded dance music, but in the evening would get a bit more lively with rave, hardcore, a little techno and trance, and the beginnings of jungle music – my favourite forms of music during my rebellious and angry teenage years.

Rumour has it that at it’s peak, it could attract 20,000 listeners – quite a lot for a city of approx 250,000 but whether this is true and how it was calculated, I have no idea!

Over the weekend just gone, I discovered a few clips of a show, and had to have a listen.  Anyone who knows me from my minimal days may be rather shocked at how ridiculously fast and lively the music was.

I may give more snippets of my musical history – feel free to comment, would be interested in what others have to say, or whether they used to be into this.

How long can you manage to cope with listening to this?!  Anyone able to guess the BPM?  And can you translate the chatter?!

Part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

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