My Shameful Behaviour

I disgraced myself this weekend.

1. I danced to electro-house.
2. I requested ‘No Limits’ by 2 Unlimited.
3. I got quite upset when I was dragged away from the dancefloor when “The Timewarp” came on.
4. I didn’t drink on Sunday despite spending several hours at the Oakford.
5. I went to Revolution, Walkabout and Rewind all in one weekend, and didn’t have to be carried kicking and screaming to any of them.
I actually had a hell of a lot of fun, for which I blame my delightful friends. Both nights were leaving parties for three individuals who have been a delight to know and I wish them well for their new adventures in life, and I will endeavour that it won’t be the last I hear of them, despite our different continents.

Finally, I can report the following:

1. The Walkabout still smells of vomit, and the what goes on downstairs is an absolute vile abomination of all the senses.
2. Revolution plays some of the worst examples of dance music known to man. A disgrace to modern society.
3. The Oakford is an absolute delight but even here there was some nasty electro-house and we had to enter to that godly awful Barbara Streisand track which nearly made me run away to Slough.
All in all though, a top weekend. More please.

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