I am going to blog about nothing.  I have nothing to blog about, but nothing is something so I do have to blog about it I suppose.

The idea of nothing is not easy to comprehend as there is always something, but if you have something then it is taken away then the sum should be nothing, surely?

Can there be nothing if there wasn’t something there already?  I am not sure there can.

There cannot be no nothings, because if there is something, there is always the possibility that the something could be taken away, or could become nothing, so the concept of no nothings is not comprehendable.

So by having had nothing to say, I have said something, but really I guess in the scheme of things, it is much closer to nothing than something which isn’t nothing.

I’d like to think this waffle about nothing has left you with nothing to think about, but again, I have just created something out of nothing, and unless I take it away then this post about nothing will always be something so I guess it will never be nothing.

So if assuming you read this post about nothing, then I delete the post about nothing, in your and my mind there was a post about nothing, which was something, and the past tense is still something, so then it wouldn’t be nothing at all.

You probably do wish I had said nothing now.  Or at least that you hadn’t had read something about nothing.

What have I concluded?  Nothing.  Which is something.

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