Me Me Me! And My Hair

I’m going to be a little bit selfish this morning and talk about me and try to get the blog (and Facebook, alas it gets more visitors than my blog…for now) make a decision for me.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, this is me, above.

My hair is now nearly 3 weeks longer than then, and it is a bit too long and I get paid tomorrow so I am thinking maybe I might have to have another hair cut.

I was considering growing a quiff, but I think this is just something I am flirting with – I might come back to the idea when the winter comes around.

I’m tempted to shave my hair off, like I have done before.

So do I shave it off?  Or just get a normal short cut?

Apologies if this self-indulgence offends your sensitivities, or you feel you need to make a negative judgement about me not choosing my hair cut myself, but firstly I post lots of stuff which might interest you that is not in any way about me, and secondly it is only hair, not exactly as if you are choosing my wife.

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