It’s over!

I woke up this morning and considered whether I should do a shot of absinthe or not.  In the end, I declined and had some milk and weetabix instead.

36 days have gone with no beer, cider, chorizo, vodka, wine, crack, ecstasy, quaaludes, LSD, cannabis, whiskey, brandy, gin, lager, ale, ketamine, barbiturates, cigarettes, bacon, sausages, MDMA, cocaine, GHB, speed, 2Ci and sex.

Yes I have been ever so boring over the last month.

It works.  I feel less tired, my body feels better, I have been having 7-8 hours of sleep EVERY single night, I have lost weight, I have my web development portfolio half-completed and saved up enough money to buy some vinyl decks at last.

Life hasn’t been totally dull either – I have been to the pub a few times, been out for non-alcoholic cocktails, I was DJing, went to Hull for my Dad’s birthday meal.

I don’t mind being sober.  If the doctor ever told me to give up drinking, I wouldn’t be that bothered.

But I do miss a few things.  Last Sunday I had a nice two hour walk to a country pub and it would have been so nice to have had a pint of cider when I arrived.  A couple of times I’ve had a really, really good steak and it would have been wonderful to have accompanied that with a nice glass of red.  I did also really quite fancy a beer when I was on the train to Hull.

In fact, it is always quite remarkable how such influences pervade all areas of life – even the Economist had a front cover the other week saying “How to do drugs right”.  Granted, they were talking about drug policy, not getting high.

But there are so many occasions where alcohol just seems appropriate.

Caffeine is what I really want to knock on the head.  I do think it makes me more tired by stealing energy reserves in advance.  I feel a lot less tired than I was – although I know part of the answer is doing more exercise, annoyingly the outside cupboard with my bike in has had a broken lock for almost all of my detox.

Anyway.  Fun James is back.  I’m going out from Friday night until Sunday.  Bring on the retox with a weekend in London.  Some of you might even be joining me as I
attempt to re-create Withnail & I, Trainspotting and Fear & Loathing In
Las Vegas, all in one night, bookended with family meals.

No discipline.  No morality.  No respect.

Where to start?

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