Reasons To Be Cheerful 28th June 2011

1.  I have 5 weekends in a row with really good plans; this one Martin’s birthday, 9th CITP (number 6), 17th meeting my sister, 23rd having a catch up with my best friend from university days, 28th (albeit a Thursday) Nicolas Jaar at fabric, maybe, just maybe, Ricardo on the Saturday.  July looks very good 🙂
2.  I had broccoli without gravy for probably the first time ever yesterday and surprised myself that not only was it edible without gravy, it was still nice without gravy.  Bonus because I don’t always want gravy especially when it is rather hot, and I really like broccoli.
3.  There is a chance of a thunderstorm in Reading today.  A small chance, we really would have to get lucky.  But it is a chance.  2pm – 3pm perhaps.
4.  Just 2 days until pay-day.  I’ve only been counting down to this for 16 days I think.
5.  6 whole days until I am moaning about being skint.
6.  12 days until Cocoon In The Park – Seth, Reboot, Ricardo and Sven – could it be any better?
7.  Public sector workers and teaching staff going on strike on Thursday, and marching through Reading town centre.  I am also considering going on strike so I can through eggs at them.  Delighted to see very little in the way of sympathy for them in the local newspaper.  Actually, I need my wages.  Sick day perhaps?  (HR – this is a joke).
8.  Ginsters large sausage rolls.  Part of my 5 a day, they do count as vegetables, right?
9.  The hot girl at work is looking very hot.
10.  And the biggest reason of all is that it is the 107th birthday of Hull City today.  Yes the football club which has given me about 5 years of good memories supporting them, and 20 years of pain and frustration.  Joyful pain and frustration.  I asked the club if there is a fan who has supported us for 107 years – the oldest season ticket holder is 94, quite some going.

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