A Weekend More Boring Than Work! Hurry The **** Up Pay-day!

That has to go down as one of the more boring weekends that I have had this year, and I am increasingly having boring weekends…well 1 in 4 are anyway which is way too much for my liking.  No money and no friends around to keep me entertained culminates in inevitable boredom.  I actually had more fun at work last week.

It isn’t quite time for a drastic change yet, it is after all the age of austerity so I just have to get used to being increasingly bored.

All is not lost as the next two weekends promise much more fun, with a trip to some dodgy restaurant in London so my good friend, Martin, can introduce us to weird South African food for his birthday weekend, and the one after that, Cocoon In The Park.

Oh and just about to book tickets to see Nicolas Jaar live at fabric on Thursday 28th July.  Also playing are Soul Clap and Gadi Mizrahi.  Huge fans of all of these – last time Nicolas Jaar played fabric it sold out well in advance so if anyone fancies joining, get a ticket.

There was one highlight this weekend – the adorable Heidi doing the Essential Selection on Radio 1 – I love her music and her positive energy that she puts into her radio shows, sadly too rare an occasion on Radio 1.  Amusingly for my little mind, she played 5 tracks in a row with the word ‘jack’ in – nothing to do with the fact she has a compilation CD out called ‘Jackathon’, I am sure.

Oh, and the sunshine was good yesterday though an uncomfortable night’s sleep with a very warm and stuffy top floor flat with my windows open so tosser’s could wake me up driving as loud and fast as they could especially to wake up as many people as possible, at regular occasions during the night.  Oh and now I have a stiff neck thanks to having to have my window open – happy days.

Thankfully it should be a bit cooler tonight, especially if we have a downpour later on – am I the only person to have brought an umbrella to work?  If anyone is obsessed like me, then netweather are going live UK storm-chasing streaming later today, dependent on the strength of a mobile broadband signal.  Useful for me as it seems that Reading always misses out on the good storms.  That is about the only reason I could ever want a car so I could go chasing storms!  Weather forecast tonight.  It should be fairly positive.

I did want to go down to the cafe at work for breakfast but I have just remembered that I am boycotting it as they have put a limit on the amount of sachet’s of ketchup that I am allowed.

Very thankful for my blog even if only a dozen people will read this – I always seem to put a smile back on my face when I write it 🙂

Enjoy your week.

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