Resident Advisor DJ Poll 2011 Results/Bitchyness

Everyone knows that the DJ Mag top 100 is wank.

Resident Advisor is the one that represents those that like their dance music underground.  But you don’t have to be a total boring snob to appreciate underground music, it can be fun music too.  I slated the DJ Mag top 100 poll, due to my relative music snobbishness, so I shouldn’t moan when the RA poll is released and people are banging on “oh how the hell can he be number 1”, etc.

But I will say one thing – Jamie Jones being number one is a mile better than Tiesto/David Guetta.

Why is it suddenly cool to hate Jamie Jones?

Because he is successful.  Because he plays all the big clubs, because he plays a slightly less boring style of house music – because 21 year old girls like him – because his remix of Hungry For The Power is easily the most popular tune and was completely ubiquitous in Ibiza, from the West End to Cocoon, to Pacha…it was everywhere.  And he DJ’ed everywhere – 142 gigs according to RA.  And they won’t be counting the secret ones.  And I have met people who know him – they all say he is genuinely a lovely guy – and we all have met DJs who are pricks.

Get over it people.  He is successful.  He deserves it.  He might not be my favourite but it was always going to be him.  His style is the hottest style right now, love it or loathe it.  It won’t last forever, such is the ever-changing roundabout of dance music.

Anyway, so number 1 was Jamie Jones.
Number 2 – Seth Troxler.  Again, a very affable guy, very funny, a little crazy and sometimes his music is spot on – his set at Cocoon In The Park was truly excellent.  Though his set at fabric wasn’t.
Number 3 – Richie Hawtin.  This is one I don’t understand as I don’t like DJs who split tracks trying to be clever.  But everyone I know who has seen him this year has been well impressed so who am I to argue?  Just like what I wrote for JJ.  Only one of the top 10 I haven’t seen this year.  Wow I have done well!
Number 4 – Ricardo.  I’ve talked about him enough in the past – my number 1 this year for CITP.
Number 5 – Maceo Plex.  His debut in the top 100.  I only saw him live, and it must be his productions that have got him so highly placed.
Number 6 – Art Department.  My number 3 if I recall correctly.  Awesome at fabric.  Fantastic producers.
Number 7 – Loco Dice – saw him at SW4 but didn’t hear him, again saw him briefly at Cocoon in Ibiza but had to get back to Sven.  Very good DJ though.
Number 8 – Dixon – He was at the Dr Cagliari thing I went to at The Roundhouse, didn’t see the DJs for long but I can understand why he is so highly rated.
Number 9 – Maya Jane Coles – her productions grow on me, slowly, and she was quite good at fabric’s birthday.  Deserves another chance from me.
Number 10 – Ben Klock – saw him too at fabric’s birthday, too tough for me but I can see why the techno-heads would love him.

Others of note:

11 – Marco Carola – I don’t get him.
12 – Luciano – Cheese fest – don’t even try getting me to go to Ushuaia – it is not who I am.
13 – John Digweed.  Probably the most boring DJ I have ever seen in my life, both musically and as a person behind the decks – it is ok to move or perhaps even smile, you know.
14 – Soul Clap – Saw them play a Madonna track at fabric.
15 – Tale Of Us – must be there for their productions.
16 – Sven – What are you doing this far down?  He was really on form whenever I saw him this year, all 3 times absolutely superb – though Ricardo’s set at CITP was even better.
17 – Sasha – seriously?  Saw some of his set at Ushuaia on some live Ibiza clubbing stream and it was so dull.  Not as dull as Digweed though.
18 – Lee Foss.  Biggest disappointment at fabric’s birthday.  Worth another try though, if only because he attracts lots of girls to the dancefloor.  Oh and I like some of his productions.

26 – Dubfire?  Really – lamest excuse for a DJ set that I put on my ipod-type thing in 2011.
55 – Danny Daze – Very impressive at fabric, and I love the Your Everything track, one of my favourites this year.
56 – Levon Vincent – I would like to see him, some of his tracks are fantastic.
60 – Nina Kraviz – As per RA, “What to expect from a Nina Kraviz DJ set?  House and techno with a nod to the past.  And more than likely some mistakes”.  I saw her at Cocoon in Ibiza, and yes I can vouch for the amount of mistakes!  Even Sven made less.  She is hot, and hates Traktor.  My perfect woman.  Except she is Russian so probably secretly just wants access to the UK government.
76 – Craig Richards – I would never want him to be in the top 10, as he is our little secret (those of us who go to fabric).  The day he plays Cocoon in Ibiza will be the day the world changes.  (ps, I am more likely to play Cocoon).
90 – Heidi – why so low down?  Really want to see her.  She needs to start producing to get higher up though.

And for all you Guardian-reading feminists out there – there are actually 8 birds in the top 100.  It was only 3 years ago that there hadn’t even been 3 birds behind a pair of decks.

I am being facetious before I get shot.  I even voted for a woman DJ this year.  Check me out and my modernism.

That’ll do.  I wasn’t too snobbish or bitchy was I?!

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