Testing, Testing…

I am trying to keep myself busy during this period of unemployment and I am doing quite well at finding things to do.

One thing I did last week is help with a psychology study at Reading University, to help one of the post-graduate students with the study which goes towards her thesis, and is also an important and interesting piece of research which should be of benefit to human life in the near future.

As someone who has spent many years studying both full-time and part-time, I have quite a lot of empathy for those putting huge amounts of effort in to achieve life-long dreams of studying and all the sacrifices involved – when I studied part-time, I even had to sacrifice a new nights out!  Crazy.

I quite enjoy these things, I do enjoy helping with research as it introduces me to new ways of thinking – I am not going to say any more about it, at least for now, as she still requires another 15 or so volunteers to be able to get top marks and I promised I would post on my blog on the off-chance someone might have a spare 25 minutes to help her with the study – it means going to Reading University for a short test – it amused me anyway!

Anyway, here is the link if anyone is interested and has a bit of spare time to offer.

And I got a free pack of Softmints.

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