Resident Advisor Top 100 DJ Poll

It’s that time of year to vote for your favourite DJs (I assume that my readers are cool enough to ignore the bullshit poll from the crap magazine).

To vote, you had to be a member before 20th November and only have until midnight on Thursday 22nd November to vote.  I approve of this short time to vote, to reduce the time for ‘campaigns’.  And you can only vote for someone that you are on the rollcall for from an event.

It should provide an accurate as picture as possible as to the most popular DJs in the underground.

My votes as follows:

1. Ricardo Villalobos – Simply the best DJ I have ever known. Was masterful at fabric and cannot wait to see him again this Saturday.
2. tINI – OK I haven’t actually seen her but I did mean to go twice this year and I will do.  I absolutely love her music, she has re-introduced me to minimal and very stripped-back underground house through her weekly radio shows and I cannot recommend her enough.
3. Craig Richards – Absolutely never lets me down, and given that fabric is my favourite club and most-visited club, I just have to include Mr Richards as a mark of respect for what is achieved every single week at that most wonderful nightclub.
4. Nina Kraviz – I love her style of music and well just everything about her.  Only seen part of her set at Eastern Electrics as there were too many people in the tent and I wanted to be outside but she was top notch.
5. Cassy – I was really impressed with her set at Cocoon In The Park, very real sounding music and an excellent warm-up.  Really looking forward to seeing her again in 10 days time.

All of these DJs play vinyl.  Co-incidence?  I didn’t choose them because of this but perhaps that they play vinyl is a large reason as to why I have enjoyed them so much.

One person is missing – Sven.  I have to say both times I have seen him this year, he hasn’t quite done it for me.  His music style went too hard and dark.  Still a favourite but time for others to have their moment.

I look forward to all my votes from everyone on the rollcall from Free House Project.

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