Resident Advisor Top 100 DJs 2013

So the top 100 DJs have been announced with a pleasantly
surprising number 1.
There is an alternative top 100 DJs poll by DJ Mag but quite
frankly if you like the DJs on that poll then you have a shit taste of
music.  Sorry, I mean a different taste
in music.
Resident Advisor only give 3 days to registered members to
vote, and you can only choose DJs from events you have clicked attending to
during the year.

Beautifully, there isn’t an EDM DJ in sight.  After all, this is the site where Adam Port has more fans than David Guetta, and Ricardo Villalobos is 10 times more popular than Tiesto.
And guess what?  I have thoughts on the matter.
Only 1 DJ in the list that I have not heard of – Rødhåd.  Unlike the aforementioned poll of trash which
is a who’s who of who the fuck?
Those I voted for were:
5. Nina Kraviz
4. Craig Richards
3. Apollonia
2. Sven Vath
1. Ricardo Villalobos (I bet that surprised you)
Four of them based on my favourite DJ sets that I experienced live this year, Apollonia I have not seen but really excite me from what I have heard.  Apollonia didn’t make it as a collective into the Top 100 but their three component DJs did.
A surprising 7 DJs in the list actually played in my adopted town of Reading this year – Justin Martin, Lee Foss, Heidi, George Fitzgerald, Dusky, Jackmaster
and Eats Everything at 86, 85, 74, 50, 43, 21 and 11.  I know Skream played too but that was before
his conversion to disco and nobody on RA likes dubstep.  Surely?
I hope to see even more in Reading next year.
Craig Richards only made position number 94 – such an
under-rated DJ.
Subb-an made it to 83 – I am a huge fan.
James Zabiela at 64 – do people still like him?  And James Holden – does he still DJ?
Dubfire at 46 – the most dull DJ in the top 100 surely?
Carl Cox at 39, probably the most well-known of the top 100.
Nina Kraviz at 32. 
Gaining more fans by the year.
Solomun at 24 and Jamie Jones at 9 playing the most
commercial music of the top 100 by far. 
Oh yeah and Luciano…remember him?
Sven Vath at 20. 
Legend but slowly dropping down the list year by year.  Outstanding the other weekend.
Maya Jane Coles at 18 – the most over-rated DJ on the
list?  Seriously don’t get her.  Though some of her productions are
superb.  Some.
John Digweed at 17. 
How many people fell asleep to him?
Marcel Dettmann at 13 – I am not the hugest techno fan in
the world but I love his sets.  Really
want to see him.  As long as there is some house music to escape to when it gets too much!
tINi at 12.  Hasn’t
quite done it for me this year like in 2012, disappointing when I saw her live
and the loss of her weekly radio show from Ibiza this year was the biggest
musical hole of 2013.
Ben UFO at 10 is a really interesting DJ with a unique
Interesting to see RA argue that Loco Dice at 8 has
alienated his core fans.  They could be
onto something.
Ricardo Villalobos at 7.  My
number 1 of course.  He was exceptional the first time I saw him this year but on a weird fast-tempo trip the second time.
Maceo Plex at 6.  I
cannot argue.
Seth Troxler at 5.  I am a big fan.  Clearly the best at self-publicity too.  But has the DJ skills to match – nice to see him playing vinyl again.
Ben Klock at 4 – Played my favourite techno set of the year.
Richie Hawtin at 3 – Yawn central.
Tale Of Us at 2. 
Hugely deserved, I have been a huge fan of their productions and DJ sets
for a few years now, still to see them and top of my haven’t seen but must see
list.  I cannot recommend them highly
Dixon.  Trance at
number 1 in the underground.  Oh yes.
What do you think?
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