Say No To Hull Tigers – Hallmark Hotel

Just in case you have been visiting Mars recently, the owner of my football club, Hull City AFC, has applied to change the name to Hull Tigers.

I am James Winfield.  You fuck with the name of my football team.  You fuck with the history and tradition of the football club I support.  You fuck with me.

I was made aware this morning that Hallmark Hotels were using the name ‘Hull Tigers’ in their internal information leaflets.

I made a call.

I followed up with an e-mail.

I received the below response within 30 minutes:


Hello James

Thank you for your email, and please accept my apologies, however there is no intention to offend anyone.

Our internal bedroom information leaflet will be re printed early 2014 and we will remove the wording Hull Tigers.


General Manager



Oh and this is pattie and chips.

You only read my blog so you can say you are cultured, don’t you?

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