Scientific Study

Being 30 is all about trying out new things.

I have a scientific theory which I want to test out. I don’t think it has ever been studied, or if it has, then I am not aware of it. Even so, I have to test my theory, I cannot just rely on my own subjective opinion to back-up my theory forever.

I am not going to give any details out of this theory, as I will need volunteers to help collate data.

I still don’t know if there is relevant scientific data available to compare it to, so I will not be asking for volunteers yet. But I hope a few of you will be willing to take part if I discover that it is a go-ahead.

It is oh so good me having these theories on how the world works but until someone proves it, then people can think I am talking bollocks.

When I was a child, I was convinced that volcanoes affected global temperatures, and cooled the planet. Nobody in any education that I came across could answer me, and there were no books on the matter. Nowadays it does seem to be accepted that this is the case though there is no conclusive proof, and no conclusive study done, as the sample of volcanoes that could affect weather patterns is relatively small, at least for the duration of good measurable global temperatures (roughly 1970 onwards I think – anything prior to that is not very substantiated due to the lack of available data). But the point is, I think my theory is now being proved right.

So this new theory, it seems I need to test myself. I hope I can, and I hope I will have some volunteers to collate data for me. About time I could call myself a Scientist!

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