Why Not Turkey?

I see that the Euro 2016 football tournament hosting rights have been awarded to France.

Italy and Turkey were also in the running. Now one can think of many reasons why Italy should not host the tournament. France, the only reason I have against it is that they hosted a World Cup in 1998.

Surely it should have gone to Turkey?

Turkey is a country which is progressing on many levels, both economically and socially. It will increasingly become an important trading partner, but more than that they are a connection to the Middle East, which is full of countries which trust Turkey far more than western countries.

Turkey should in my opinion, be working towards European Union integration. And before anyone gets worried about a nation of 70m relatively poor muslims who suddenly have free immigration rights to the United Kingdom, then I think you need to re-assess the Turkish psyche.

They are feriously nationalistic and love their country. And I see no reason why they would want to come and live in a cold and wet country. Just like Romanians and Bulgarians didn’t want to join the EU.

So Turkey should have got it. About time it fully integrated into Europe.

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