The Shed Music Mystery

I’m afraid that there is no update on the Shed music mystery genre, not even Cocoon know what it is.


hi james,

we can’t say anything about that, sorry.

the term has never been used by us and you would have to ask the promoter what he understands by ‘shed music’.

best regards


Von: James Winfield <>

Datum: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 11:32:37 +0000

An: <>

Betreff: Shed Music

Hi Cocoon

I am hoping that you can enlighten me as to what ‘Shed’ music is?

On this advertisement with Sven and others playing in Birmingham on 26th December – the music is described as techno, minimal, house progressive, tribal, future garage and shed.

I understand all the other genres, but I do not know what shed music is.

I am very worried that I might be missing out on something very special.

Please can you help me?

Who plays shed music? Who makes shed music? What does shed music sound like? How is shed music different to house music?

Many thanks and I wish the whole Cocoon team a happy new year and very much look forward to enjoying more Cocoon events in 2011.

Much love

James x

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