Shock Horror – Reading Is Still A Town

So Reading has not been chosen to receive city status.

Anyone who seriously thought that they would be, especially when it is in honour of the Queen’s jubilee year was quite frankly, deluded.
Simply, the Royal Family despise Reading.  And who would blame them from their experiences in recent years:
1.  Prince William went to Mecca Bingo once a few years back.  It is due to be demolished.
2.  Prince Harry went to Mango.  It is closed.
3.  The Queen opened Reading train station.  It is due to be replaced shortly.
4.  The statue of Queen Victoria faces away from the town centre and looks seriously shabby.
But more pertinently, have you ever heard of a city without a proper nightclub?
Town, or city, Reading is a very good place to live anyway.
Microsoft et al are not about to move to Chelmsford to take advantage of the inhabitants of Towie.
And before you say anything my sister told me of the existence of said televisual abomination.
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