Mummy’s 60th Birthday

I suggested to my mother at the weekend that I was going to mention about her on my blog on her birthday- she told me not to dare.

So as I feel that I missed out on my rebellious teenage streak as I never quite managed to get arrested by the proper police, only the crappy transport police, despite years of trying, I shall rebel now.

I like family weekends.  They are a good excuse to recharge the batteries both physically and mentally, though a fair few glasses of wine were drunk.  It being my mam’s 60th birthday today, the preceeding weekend was all about her birthday.

Saturday was good fun at Hull City.  It was a bit odd watching the football in a shirt and tie, sitting in a corporate area.  In fact it was totally wrong – like not licking the remaining gravy off your plate.  I don’t plan on doing that for another 10 years.

We had a few guest speakers, including the goalscorer, Robbie Brady, after the match who was incredibly quiet and shy, not exactly what you would expect from a over-exuberantly confident footballer on the pitch.

I also met Roary – the highlight of the weekend.  This is now clearly my claim to fame.  Actually, maybe still the runner-up to Dean Windass signing my arm once.

And then we had a meal in the evening with family, all very pleasant – well the steak was rubbish but the starter was lovely, I had some smoked salmon and tomato effort with bread and olive oil.  Normally not a fan of tomatoes, nor starters, but this was superb.

The weekend was so worthwhile to see the smile on my mam’s face all weekend, well except for the part in the restaurant, sorry, rough local pub, where I was playing with my food.  I don’t see what is wrong with turning a potato into mashed potato.  I think there is a reason why we no longer go to the pub with candles.  Have you ever tried pouring pepper into a candle?  I recommend it.

Caterpillar cake.  Yummy.

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