Skint. Again!

So I am skint again. 
I have enough for rent, bills, food and the train to work but my fun
budget for the rest of the month is just £14.00.
I knew it was coming. 
I spent wildly during the last 6 weeks of 2013, with 3 trips to London
and 1 to Manchester, plus Christmas presents and some treats for myself.  I had a lot of fun though.
There is something perversely enjoyable about being skint,
it’s a bit like getting sunburnt.
I enjoy the challenge of making what little money I do have
last.  There is much more of a feeling of
reward when I do allow myself a little treat – this Friday, for example, I am
going to treat myself to a Sweeney Todd’s pie.
I review every item of expenditure, I have managed to reduce my weekly food shopping bill by £15 so far – I have also lost weight in just a week of minimal expenditure, I cannot afford a sausage and bacon sandwich in the morning, for example, so I have cereal at 10% of the cost.
Also it is healthier – no alcohol and no caffeine.  I am actually quite happy being skint.  I could have avoided it and spent more sensibly but I think deep down I wanted a period of frugality.
On the downside it is boring and lonely not having
money.  I do have a lot of friends, a
fair few that are overdue a catch up but normally this involves going out for a
drink or a meal, sometimes trains to other cities – all of which costs money!  I even shockingly find myself thinking it would be nice to have a girlfriend.  Oh shit, have I just admitted in public that I am not gay?  Oops.

So I find myself staying in at the weekends.  By
I will however celebrate my birthday, I have a budget for that.  I always get a bit
nervous come birthday invitation time, in case nobody turns up.  Birthdays are usually a lot of fun but I
always have that thought in the back of my head – what if nobody turns up?  Stupid paranoia, I know.
If you don’t know what I am doing for my birthday
(actual date 22nd January, celebrating 25th January) and you are a friend of mine as opposed
to just a random, and would like to join me please ask.
The other advantage of being skint and not having my weekends filled up with social adventures means that I can spend time on my web design project.  I have just about come up with the template for my DJ website so I can get that done.  Then I need to re-design, bring it into this century.  Finally I will then make a website with my little portfolio to hopefully get some business – that is the plan anyway.
If it comes off I won’t be so skint next time I over-indulge.
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