So What Have I Been Doing/Going To Do?

You may have noticed a lack of blogging recently – I tend to have these phases of 2-3 weeks where I reduce my productivity, and this was one of those – firstly I had a crazy party weekend, then a week of chilling, then last week going back to work I found quite difficult due to how relaxed I was and just didn’t really get around to blogging at my usual pace – or anything for that matter.  Not even partying.

Anyway, I am back with a vengeance now.

So what have I been doing?

The chances are that if you are reading this, you have a pretty good idea that I went to Cocoon In The Park, the weekend of 9th July so shall not repeat this.  Added to going out until 5am on Thursday night, all day drinking on Friday and then going straight to Cocoon In The Park, and only 3 hours sleep between that an all-day Sunday session – the beginning of last week was quite the write-off.

But this was ok as I took last week as holiday.

Sadly I way over-spent (approx £400-£500 that weekend – wtf???!) so last week became very much about relaxing and spending as little money as possible, which I did rather sucessfully.

Though I still managed to go out every day and do something, and didn’t quite manage the target of 3 days without an alcoholic drink – achieving a whole zero days without a drink.  Well – I was on holiday 🙂

Also had my sister down on the Saturday which was lovely, went to the free outside:inside thing at the Forbury Gardens.  And I spent plenty of time in the sunshine, topped up my pre-Ibiza tan.  On my arms anyway.

Last week I didn’t do too much, mainly just getting back into the swing of work, but the weekend just gone I had plenty of fun with a visit from my very good friend, Julie, whom I met at university back in 1998 and became very good friends with.  Also drinks with various trouble-makers like Rick, JP, etc on Saturday but I had to decline the opportunity of paying £15 to the outside:inside festival – I did want to go support Matt, Dan and Terry but £15 is quite a fair amount of money and most of the other acts were bands which just isn’t my thing.  And my financial situation does need a little improvement – so it was not justifyable.  £5 yes, £8 perhaps, – £15 up yours!  I can get into fabric for £10!  Or Cocoon Ibiza for…erm…€50 (plus flights, hotel and €20 drinks…ok maybe this logic doesn’t add up).

I will however make up for it and be there for roughly the whole 8 hours for their next event at the Afrobar in Reading on 13th August (Saturday).  It is a supremely enjoyable day event from 4pm until midnight, with excellent house music, very nice crowd and free to get in.  Thoroughly recommend it.

Sunday I cleaned the flat and caught up with washing and ironing as I have loads planned this week, and Monday night I slept for 13 hours – also because I have loads to do this week.

So, this week:

Tuesday; meeting another university friend (the second out of two that I managed to keep in touch with, not that I am too fussed, they are the two really really good ones).
Wednesday; hopefully playing badminton with JP (if anyone else ever fancies a game let me know – I am trying to get less unfit but I refuse ever to do anything dull as shit like the gym/running…sorry if you like it, I appreciate many people find minimal as dull as shit, so each to their own).
Thursday; Nicolas Jaar, Soul Clap and Gadi Mizrahi at fabric.  So looking forward to this – three of the most exciting relatively new artists/DJs to come out of America for a long time, bar Seth, for me.  fabric better get their air conditioning sorted out as apparently it was like an oven there this weekend.
Friday; Sorry but I do not remember.  I am sure I have booked something but I cannot figure out what.
Saturday; Maybe fabric.  Ricardo is playing but I only saw him a couple of weeks back so I am not overly desperate to go.  But if anyone else I know wants to go then I am there like a shot!

Busy week 🙂

Oh, did I mention I have booked flights to Ibiza?!

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