Spending Only £67.50 A Week

Given that the government gives me £67.50 a week, I thought I would try and spend only £67.50 a week for probably the first time since I last didn’t have a job, circa 2000.

Impossible, surely?


All was going well this week until Friday – and I gave up counting when I went over £100.

However, this week I did have to buy a few bits that I usually wouldn’t – train fare to Maidenhead, dry cleaning my coat that I dropped in a puddle of piss at Iguana last Friday, a USB cable and a case to fix my external hard-drive, which totalled over £30.

Had I not had that, and not had a few drinks over the weekend, I reckon I could have done it in £45 easily, leaving some over to pay bills.  I’ll never be able to do it on £67.50 a week including bills which is why I have an emergency fund to pay bills for the rest of 2012 (said emergency fund also pays for Cocoon In The Park and Ibiza).

Anyway, I am going to try the £67.50 thing this week again, though stopping on Friday as I am going to fabric on Saturday (unofficial birthday celebrations for me and JP), so I will try to only spend £50 from Monday to Friday.


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