Strawberry Distress

I think this is a return to form for my complaints…
Dearest Sainsburys
I have a friend that moved out to Australia and she has
been watching Wimbledon and is very upset that she cannot get British
strawberries in Australia.
I wanted to rescue the damsel-in-strawberryless-distress
so I agreed to send some over in my teleport machine.
However my teleport machine is quite particular in terms
of the integrity of objects it sends, especially living items, and it rejected
the strawberries due to “Intolerable Levels of Infection”.
To explain in non-teleport terminology, the strawberries
that were delivered to me on Friday were already mouldy by Saturday despite
having several days date on them.
Please can you rectify this situation.
Kind regards

Dear Mr Winfield

Thank you for your email about your recent order. We
only want to deliver great quality products so I am sorry that the strawberries
were of such poor quality and were rejected by your teleport machine. I can
understand how dissatisfied you must be, especially as this is not the service
you have come to expect from us.

Our colleagues are trained to use their
initiative and experience when selecting products. I have passed your comments
on to the online manager, who will speak with our colleagues at the store who
shopped for your order to ensure that you receive great quality items in all
your future deliveries.

All our products come to us from reputable
suppliers. We insist on strict procedures and quality controls through all the
stages of handling, storage and display to ensure that they reach you in perfect
condition and the taste and texture should reflect this.

I have sent an
evoucher for £2 to your email address as a refund for this item.  You can enter this code next time you check out and the
amount will be deducted from the cost of your order.

We appreciate you
taking the time to contact us as your feedback helps us improve our products and
services. We look forward to seeing you online shortly.


Customer Manager

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