Thrilling Weekend Ahead

Austerity weekend number 2 approaches.

Last weekend was actually ok.

My priority number one this weekend will be to get behind my decks.

And to get out in the sunshine, especially on Sunday, and maybe go for a walk.

I just have to keep thinking, it is all for a good cause, the Spanish are in recession much worse than us, and the clubs in Ibiza need my money more than the chain bars of Reading.

I am desperately craving clubbing though.  Not sure I will be able to resist through next weekend…anyone joining me at Eastern Electrics (ha ha sold out) will have the delight of my company after 3 weekends without even a sniff of beer…I’m sure I will be entirely sensible.

As a Friday gift, I offer you this amazing Wolf & Lamb 3 hour set – it put a smile on my face so many times this morning, some amazing music.

Have a lovely weekend

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