Weekend Extravaganza (Possibly Ever So Slightly UNSAFE For Work)

This is not safe for work.  You have been warned.

OK read on…

So do I have anything more exciting than this planned for the weekend?

I will let you be the judge.

The main focus of my weekend is going to be studying lots, mostly JavaScript and catching up with stuff like washing, ironing, etc, but you don’t really want to know that.

I was kind of hoping this book that I purshased would arrive in time to be able to get stuck into it, but I just noticed that the delivery estimate is 7th June, despite being from the UK.

507 pages should teach me JavaScript.  I am slowly learning it online too at Codecademy but need something else to back up the teachings.

Saturday night I shall watch the Champions League final and beaver through a large pile of ironing.

Sunday (or possibly Monday) I am going to Didcot.

Why, you may ask.  And you would be right to.  I heard it is a bit of a hole.

However I want to spend more time exploring the local area, so I used the random number generator to pick a train line out of Reading, and then used it again to pick a train station on said line and it came up with Didcot Parkway.

How exciting.  I will probably fanny around for a bit, have a beer and head back.

My JavaScript dream is to one day create a website that can select a random train station.  I think it would be quite a hit?  And of course sell advertising for train tickets, hotels, etc.  One of my ideas will make me rich one day!

Monday I might go to Reading Carnival.  I imagine it will be similar to Notting Hill Carnival.

I have a new roast beef  recipe and I might even attempt my own Yorkshire Puddings – I tend to be rather gash at cooking them.

Also I shall join up to 3nder.  Again probably not one to check at work if you have an over-zealous boss – it’s similar to Tinder, the name should allude a little further.

If anyone has a spare vagina, a gram of coke and fancies a day out in Didcot, let me know.

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