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I don’t go clubbing as often as I used to.  My priorities have changed.
I don’t earn as much as I used to and my costs have
risen.  Labour’s cost of living crisis is
significantly biting into my clubbing potential.
I also don’t have the time – I am spending much more of my
free time studying – a night out can and generally does wipe out the motivation
to wake up at 530am to study for a whole week. 
Not to mention the various trips to watch Hull City this year.
Most of my clubbing friends also don’t go anywhere near as
often as they used to – and then sometimes our availability doesn’t match.
And then sometimes I ever wonder if I still love it.  Line-ups can often send me into fits of
desire but I hardly go clubbing.  Am I
past it?  Do I still have the legs? Do I
still have the desire?
But I wasn’t going to pass down the one chance to go with my
bestie (gosh isn’t that a crap word?) following her exams – and before her next
6 months of studying.
We picked a date but there wasn’t a stand-out option.  There was Tama Sumo at a small venue in
Shoreditch, Move D at fabric – though as much as I love fabric I increasingly
despair with the crowd, and then Guy Gerber and others at Studio 338.  Partly during the day.
Daytime clubbing means you get back at a sensible time and I
like Studio 338 with it’s outdoor terrace.
We arrived at 4pm, two hours after it was supposed to start
however they couldn’t let us in as there was nobody to search the girls.
Not the ideal start but we didn’t wait too long.
The warm-up DJ who’s name escapes me did a decent job, but
it wasn’t until Mayaan Nadim started that a few hardy souls braved the covered
dancefloor in the warm sunshine.  And yes we were first to dance.
I have listened to her sets before and never been especially
taken but live was a different prospect – Mayaan is a sweet-looking but purposeful
DJ, with a gracefulness about her presence and her music.  I was quite enchanted and really enjoyed the
3 hours she played for.
Then Miss Kittin came on. 
Ghastly music.  Electro by
numbers.  FFS.
We left – Guy Gerber was due on at 10pm but we decided it
best to get the last train back to Reading instead of committing to another 10
hours in London – plus a friend had asked if I could help out DJing – of course
I could.
I do really like Studio 338. 
Plus they have some excellent line-ups – Cocoon are doing an event
there, as are Art Of Dark with Cassy and Onur Ozer shortly, amongst
others.  I highly recommend a visit, especially
for a daytime party.

Why aren’t there more daytime parties?
So then back to Reading, with the 11pm train non-existent,
we crammed onto the 1130pm train – like sardines, I hope I smelt of
nightclub.  It is never easy getting
home, is it?!
I made it to Zeus just about on time for my set, and
confidently got behind the decks, found my first track, realised it was about
8bpm slower than what was currently playing and managed to train-wreck it.
I couldn’t actually focus on the decks, nor could I read what
was on the CDs at first, I was absolutely hammered and train-wrecked about 3
mixes, that I remember anyway.
Gosh I was shit.
I’ve not practiced in two months, I had no idea what I
wanted to play – no planning, no preparation, no practice.
It was the worst set I have played in over a year – I was
pretty frustrated though yet I still got a smattering of compliments so other
people must have been more wasted than me.
I was still much better than Miss Kittin though.
I did improve after the first few mixes once I gained my
bearings – but lesson learnt, do not turn up to DJ wasted especially with no
practice or prepation.
On the bright side, I have rediscovered my desire to DJ and need
to put this right by playing the best set ever next time I get chance, and also
making a superb DJ mix as soon as I can.
And I have also recalled just how much I love clubbing.  It remains what I live for and I dearly wish
I could go more often.
Oh yeah and I need to retrieve my headphones.

Now time to focus on the World Cup and a small matter of the cricket, including my first ever day at a test match.

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