Weekend Plans

It’s been a while since I did a weekend blog post.  In fact I hardly ever blog about anything now, do I?  I would love to make up for it but I have so much happening at the moment…all good things of course!

I’m actually excited about a visiting DJ tonight in Reading.  When was the last time I said this?  I really don’t remember.  King Roc back around 2008?  Crazy.  Maybe that is because we have so many good local DJs in Reading?!  The guys behind Cubed are doing something different though and are making waves through the decayed Reading nightlife.  This is the first time that they have excited me personally but I have heard lots of good things.

Eats Everything is who I am going for.  Check out his remix of Keep Control by Sono – that bassline, oooh so good.  Or the dubiously named ‘resniff’ of the Jamie Jones track that I am struggling to recall the name of right now.  On at 10:45pm so I can be home in time for the 1am news update and the chicken shop chicken might be vaguely fresh.  Maybe.

So after a good night’s sleep on Friday night, perhaps, I am going to go buy some paper and some arty stuff and go design my own flyers.  Will hand-painted flyers look shit?  I have no idea.  I want my event to do things differently with a touch of added thought, attention and love.  OK I am not doing individual hand-painted flyers, it is just the design that will be hand-painted and then photoshopped with the help of my very good friend, Martin.

At least once I get a logo sorted, I can then upload to Faceache, etc and then start spamming people every week.

I still need to book two more DJs so more work on my search for the most perfect possible DJs.

And speaking of good DJs, I have a mix organised with one very good DJ which is long overdue.

Sunday might be the day for photo-shopping.

I am sure I am missing something obvious too.  I am quite excited.  I wish you all a good weekend – you know where I am tonight if you fancy a boogie 🙂

Keep an eye out for mini tornadoes, I think there will be one or two in England somewhere.

Oh and its just 3 weeks until Sven!

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