I like To Move It, Move It

As Erick “I DJ to stick my cock in bimbos” Morillo once sung, “I like to move it, move it”.  Actually, I don’t, I hate moving.
But still, it is time to ask myself where I should be living.
Don’t worry, friends, lovers, groupies and future haters – I am staying in Reading.  At least until my house music revolution has propagated me to playing alongside Paris Hilton at DC10 every week, or on the off-chance that my plan fails and the lure of Shoreditch proves so much so I can finally wear purple leggings, string vest and a sailor’s hat without the fear of some wannabe Mod punching me.  That’ll be sparkly sequined purple leggings, of course, not just any purple leggings.
It is my choice of abode I am questioning.
I like living by myself, and I like my flat.  I can play music loud and nobody cares.  It is a bit crap for hosting guests though.  And there is no central heating.  It is rather cold.  And tiny windows.  But lots of hot girls in my locality.
The main thing that keeps me in my space, apart from being shit at moving mouse, is space.  A flat has space to put all my 1500 cds and other stuff that I have accumulated.  However, I have just remembered the existence of storage.  Given that I listen to each cd once on average, I don’t think I need those 1500 cds on me.  Nor my collection of hats.  Etc, etc.
It costs me two thirds of my wages.  Silly.  Affordable but it holds me back.
And the older I get, and the more I find myself, the more I want to stop wasting so much time and start achieving more of my dreams.  I seem to be achieving a succession of dreams and goals so far this year, surprisingly so but I have long had a dream of doing something crazy – a once in a lifetime thing, and it ain’t anywhere near as “affordable” as a holiday to Ibiza:
To go storm chasing in America.  Don’t tell my mam.  Or let me get a girlfriend.
I’ve found a company from the UK that do 4 trips each spring, for £1,800.00 which includes all travel and accommodation costs in the USA for about 10 days, I would also have to pay for flights to and from Dallas and all my food and drink on top of that.  And maybe buy some life insurance!  So for £3,000.00 that should do it.  Oh and buy a decent camera of course.
The question is, do I really want to do it enough to go back to house sharing with random people constantly telling me to turn my not loud at all music down, etc.  Having to put the toilet seat down and cleaning rotas.
And can I actually be bothered to try and find somewhere vaguely acceptable for my slightly snobbish tastes?  Yeah I know, it’s only Reading…but I’m from Hull so I feel snobbish.
I guess if it all gets too much then I can always find a flat with central heating.

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