Welcome New Era

I think it is about time I summarised what just happened. In short, we are receiving hope, as opposed to fear. Encouragement for private business as opposed to increased public sector waste. Liberty as opposed state control. Honesty as opposed to lies and deceit.

I’m hopeful it will bring the best parts of Conservatism and the best parts of Liberal Democratism together to make the country go forward in the most positive direction possible.

It will take time. It took a long time for Gordon Brown to ruin the economy. It will take a long time for it to be repaired.

I think I have talked enough politics. I hope you have enjoyed it. I hope you have been encouraged to take notice and to participate. After all, it affects your life.

I will be holding this government to account. I will not be afraid to vote for another party in 5 years time if I feel it has failed in providing the governance required. I will be actively communicating with my local MP and the Conservative party to ensure my views are heard (I did after all contact them to advise them to run a positive campaign, and also not to be scared of a referendum on political reform as a price of ensuring a stable government – they seem to have listened).

I hope you also feel more motivated to advise your local MP on how you would like matters dealt with.

I also hope you are patient and give the government 5 years or a good portion of it to sort the mess out.

Onwards and upwards.

I’ll start talking more about proper parties soon!

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