Welcome To All Romanians & Bulgarians

I appreciate that I am a few days late but I would like to formally welcome citizens of Romania and Bulgaria to the free movement of labour within the European Union that I am proud to be a part of.

Some will of course fear you taking their jobs, stealing their benefits but I am not so negative and I embrace immigration.

The previous wave of Eastern European Union immigration brought a whole wave of exceptionally attractive young ladies to the UK.  I am of the belief that there are rather attractive young ladies in Bulgaria and Romania too and just like many businesses, I look forward to further talent immigrating to the UK.

Of course it works both ways and with the huge difference in house prices between the UK and Bulgaria/Romania, one questions how long it will be before many relatively rich Britons will be selling up their average two-bedroom poky flat for £250,000.00 and buying a luxury seaside apartment in aforementioned countries for just 20% of the price.

I also read a while back, sadly I cannot find the article to back this up, that the country with the highest amount of emigration to the European Union, is………yes, the United Kingdom (again I cannot recall if this is the total amount or proportionate amount of population, sorry).  We may moan about immigration but we love to take advantage of the opportunities free movement within the European Union brings.

I ask also, would you want to fill in a visa application for every trip to Ibiza?  I assume not.

On a personal level, one of my very closest friends ever is from one of the original Eastern European accession countries from the controversial 2004 intake.  You could also class me as an economic migrant given that I am from the relatively poor north of England, working in the relatively rich south.  I guess it depends on how you see borders.  I see a European border.  A welcoming European border that will gradually expand in years to come.

My identity is not only Hull, Yorkshire, Reading and Berkshire, it is English, British and European.

Bring on the immigrants.

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