New Year’s Eve at The Egg

There are 3 occasions of the year I despise.  More than any other is Valentine’s Day.  Next up is Halloween.  Then comes New Year’s Eve.  Overpriced and packed with nobheads.  I was reluctant to go out, I really could not
afford to do so but eventually I cracked and was persuaded otherwise.  Maybe this would be the night that finally
made me appreciate New Year’s Eve.
It was the first time that I had been into London for New
Year.  We seemed to choose the most
convoluted way to get there upon arriving into London Paddington with 2 tubes,
1 overground and a 20 minute walk, via an Irish country-folk sing-along pub.  Normally I investigate the quickest route
myself but I had forgotten this part – on the way back I figured out it actually
only required 1 tube and a 20 minute walk.
Pleasingly easy to get into The Egg once we finally arrived, a short
queue to get in and equally so for the cloakroom queue.  Other clubs take note please.  Managed a get a beer in time for midnight and
headed to the dancefloor.  Midnight
passed without incident.  Immediately followed by
turgidly cheesy music.  Celebrate good times indeed.
Tania Vulcano then came on and played a really good, groovy
house set with touches of more minimal sounds. 
Pretty much my ideal music.  Sadly
the room was unbearably hot and I could only manage relatively short periods
inside – not to mention a few people that were utterly stinking.  Please may I request that if you are going to
share a dancefloor with me to get a shower and use anti-persperant before going
to a nightclub.  Oh yeah and if you are going to take ecstasy please take a shit before you go out – someone had seemingly emptied their
bowels in their pants…one assumes this was the reason anyway.
Cassy followed and was also very good, a class act as usual, though
again the heat was unbearable – as it was in all rooms with sweat dripping from
the ceiling in the main room.  Not sure
if I like that or not – I was hardly unsweaty myself before I got continuously
dripped on so I guess it equals it out – it gives it a certain atmosphere but
it is a touch minging.  Maybe I am too
much of a snob.
Then shortly after 3am I was in the middle of an incident
which totally put a dampener on my night. 
My blog is not the place to go into details but it totally ruined my
night and put me on an unrecoverable downer. 
Caused by a member of the club’s staff and absolutely disgraceful
behaviour.  A full complaint will be
I stayed for a while but my mood was soured, I tried not to
let on to anyone else I was with the extent of how pissed off I was – not
wanting to put a downer on anyone else’s night, most of my friends seemed to
have a really good time but the rest of the night was a struggle for me to get
through.  I ended up wishing that I had
stayed in and had a midnight dump like my original plan.
On the bright side I did get to spend new year with some of
my very dearest friends, there was a variety of mostly good music,  good sound-systems, plus I met some nice
people (and a few tossers, not to mention being serenaded by a group of
foot-shufflers on my way out which was a wonderfully ironic way to finish off a
disappointing night).  All things in a
non-comedown perspective it certainly could have been worse.  Life isn’t perfect and my disappointing night
of course pales into insignificance compared to the hardships many across the world face – and I was reminded of the fragility of life just this morning.  I am well aware and thankful of the blessed
life I am lucky to have.
Annoyingly we then went on a wild goose chase trying to find the cloakroom (I knew where it was but I was being ignored!)  But had we actutally not wandered around pointlessly we could have been caught up in a rather nasty violent incident as someone was seriously kicking off at the exit.  As I said it could have been much worse.
Still my worst night out of 2013 by a long-shot and
hopefully my only bad night out of 2014. 
It will probably be the last time that I go into London for New Year.  And certainly the last time I go to The Egg.  A total waste of money I didn’t have and I am
rather pissed off with myself.
I would wish you a happy new year but I am too much of a
miserable fucker today.
There might be a pint of gravy tonight.
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