What Exactly Did I Do In A Previous Life?

So I decide to take a short lunch break, however as I approach the exit of my employers beautiful building, the bus pulls away. A full 5 minutes early. So I walk to the Basingstoke Road to get a different bus, two minutes away from the bus stop and yes the bus goes by. No point in running for it. But if I had have done so, I would at least have got the other bus following behind.

It seems the world likes to poke fun at me sometimes. Not quite sure what I did in a past life. I only took a lunch break to get away from my source of misery…work.

I know I moan a fair bit about it, more often on Facebook than here due to prying eyes or the potential of.  (Just in case, 80% of this was written on my mobile phone during my lunch break, admittedly I finished it at work but may I suggest that you think of it as me trying to improve my morale and therefore improving my productivity).  But I do recall the days where I enjoyed going into work, when I achieved and exceeded all expectations, and even if I made a mistake it was all part of the learning process and paled into insignificance compared to everything that delivered good results…now it seems I cannot do anything right.

Very exasperating and frustrating, but things don’t stay the same forever and I am not willing to give up yet, coming from Hull I have this warrior spirit in me and I will battle to overcome adversity…after all I could be in a far worse position so I know I shouldn’t moan, but hey, blog off if you don’t like it!

In fact things were much worse when I lived in Hull, my teenage years were a time of violence and intimidation – yes I am sure if I didn’t react and fight back then things might have been a bit easier for me, I know I made my life harder for myself but it was a pretty shit place to grow up – I am ever thankful for a stable family life – I know several people who have had a much more traumatic start to their life than I had so I don’t like to make a big deal about my upbringing as to me it pales into insignificance so I stick to hinting to difficulties and leave it at that.

But despite my slight unhappiness and grumpy nature at times recently (forgive me – it is ages since I have had any sunshine to enjoy, and yes I know I should have saved some money so I could have joined my good friend JP on his adventure through Thailand taking in the local whores, hospitals and elephants but…meh), I am actually happy inside – honestly!  I cannot quite put my finger on it but I really am enjoying life despite frustrations.  Or maybe I really am deluding myself?!

For why wouldn’t one be when one has just enjoyed a jumbo battered sausage for lunch.

Also putting a smile on my face is news that Siemens is opening a wind-farm factory or something in Hull, apparently creating up to 10,000 jobs though if you read the small print the factory will actually only have 800 jobs, but still this is massive for such a run-down area of the country – a place which used to have a purpose of existence but since the Cod Wars seems to have completely lost it.  Apart from, of course, building caravans and toilets.  So it really did warm me to hear this news about my home town as the majority of the people of Hull are brilliant people.  Even better that it is private industry, yes this so-called mythical thing that the socialists would have you believe can only be provided by government – employment!  Jobs!  A future!

And then there is a reminder from my dear friends Ben and Carley who remind me that I am achieving my main goal in life, which is to make the world a better place, as I seem to have amused them with my previous blog post (Attention Women!  No link, go find it yourself, it isn’t difficult).  Satisfaction indeed.  I wonder if I can persuade them to invite me round for dinner one day…I might even agree to be on my best behaviour, as long as they catch me on a good day…that’ll be any day but Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday then.

And of course I turn 31 on Saturday and I still don’t have a girlfriend, wife, children, car or a mortgage – and I am happy.  Screw you societal expectations.  You have been defeated.

I blame the Labour government, though I’m sure that I’ll be reminded that it is actually the fault of the bankers.  Oh wait a minute – there is the solution to my problems…get a job in a bank.  Become a banker.  Then I can afford a car and a mortgage and will clearly then have a wife.

Or maybe I was a banker in a previous life?

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