What Is Shed Music?

I am a little purturbed and confused right now.

I like a genre or two, and I have been known to create a couple of genre names such as ‘backdoor trance’ or ‘semi-detached house’ but they actually had music to go along with them.  There was a reason behind such names, there was an understanding of what music it was.

The attached link takes you to a flyer advertising a night with no less of a DJ than my hero Sven Vath playing, with other Cocoon favourites and some local Birmingham DJs too.

If you scroll to the bottom of the flyer, it advises music of; techno, minimal, house, progressive, tribal, future garage (I can just about grasp this concept) and shed.

What is shed music?

Please can someone enlighten me.

It would be much appreciated – I do not want to feel that I am potentially missing out on a new genre of music.

I would be much obliged.

I have e-mailed Cocoon to see if they know the answer but I am suspecting it might be an English thing.

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