Review Of 2010

I am going to allow myself a little time to reflect on the past 12 months, for I believe that if one does not reflect on what has happened, one cannot achieve the best outcomes in the future.  When I reach a conclusion, I like to review the process, to see what has been achieved, and how it can be done better, next time.

2010 has for me been quite a turbulent year, nothing disastrous but troubles I could have done without.  I took decisisons which I believed were for the best, but didn’t give me an easy life.  But I never wanted an easy life!  If I wanted an easy life, I would have stayed in Hull, got a council house, a meaningless job/unemployment benefits, three kids with three different mothers, and spent every day in the pub being angry with everyone else who has achieved something in their life.

But no, I have decided to try to make something of myself, despite society throwing objects in my path – or more specifically, the Labour government of 1997-2010 giving everything to those who sit on their backsides and little to those who work hard.  So the best outcome by far in 2010, the one thing that makes me happiest, is the fact that we now have a government which supports people like me.  One that encourages growth, enterprise and decency. One that tells people to get off their backsides and contribute.  Which I probably need to do a bit more of.  Point taken, Mr Cameron.

I really enjoyed the election, I loved that so many people got interested in what is going on in the country rather than blindly going about their lives.  I didn’t get my preferred outcome of a Conservative majority, but instead I got a Coalition government – which with my liberal leanings, is probably actually a better outcome than I originally wanted.  The election also saw my blog get quite popular – a lot of people looked at my blog on election day.  Maybe I helped!  David…Maggie…you owe me 😉

My blog has been one of the best things of my year.  My sometimes inane witterings have allowed me some sanctuary from insanity, and I truly believe have had a positive effect on my life.  Though I also do have to be careful of what I write, as I have found out as much as it can be quite exciting when for example Sven Vath put a link to my review on his Facebook page…it can also be not so good, for example when a flippant comment which I am pretty good at can come back to haunt me!  I’m perhaps too honest and open for my own good sometimes.  But as I said earlier, I don’t like to make life easy for myself.

I think my biggest disappointment of the year has to be the lack of holidays.  That I were not able to make my annual pilgrimage to Ibiza, did cause me some internal suffering.  However, previous years I went twice so maybe in 2011 I will go three times to make up for it.  And I did have some quite excellent adventures in this country – especially Cocoon In The Park in Leeds which was fantastic and I thoroughly recommend everyone to buy a ticket when it comes about next year.

Also memorable were weekends in Canary Wharf, Manchester and Stuttgart.  And many, many nights, and days at the Oakford Social Club, which has now almost become my second home.  Not forgetting too, a couple of excellent nights out at fabric.  Which also had a somewhat turbulent year.

Musically, I have struggled to keep up to date with what is coming out as there is so much amazing music being produced at the moment that it is almost impossible.  But I am trying, and I am getting a lot out of it.  My new blog which showcases the tunes that I discover that I think are particularly excellent I think will take over from my original blog, in popularity, at some point in 2011.  I am quite excited about it.  I do love my music.

That is another thing that purterbs me – why do I seem to have only had a handful of really good night’s clubbing this year?  Probably because I do have to travel to find such a night.  I desire more good clubbing nights next year.

What else happened?

Oh, there was the World Cup.  I enjoyed watching it, I spent quite a lot of time sitting on a very comfortable sofa, drinking beer, watching football.  Because I could.  And because I am a man, and therefore I should.  I was glad that England didn’t win.  Can you imagine John Terry and Wayne Rooney being held as heroes, like Bobby Moore or Jack Charlton?  No.  A lack of dignity.  A lack of decency.  A lack of respect.  So if we send such characters to represent us, we should not expect or want, a good return.

I cannot really think of anything else.  Despite some turbulence and unnecessary trauma at times, this year has been ok.  I started it happy, I end it happy.  It could have been better.  But then again, I could have drifted along and not strived for something better.

I do get the sense that most people have been through the grinder recently, most people have had tough times.  I was expecting this a few years ago, before the credit crunch hit, as historically, recessionary periods are tough in many ways.  I am also expecting things to get better.  I’m not often wrong (though I don’t rule out the possibility that I am totally deluded).

I think if I was going to give 2010 a rating – I would rate it 6 out of 10.  2009 was 3 out of 10 at best, as it was a pretty shit year, albeit with some highlights.  2006 to 2008 were probably around 8 out of 10.  Prior to that I don’t think any year was higher than a 5.  So I think I have to be satisfied with a 6 out of 10 rating for my year.

It was a pretty good year, not what I hoped, not what it could have been, but pretty good.

I wish anyone still reading a successful and joyful 2011, I’m going to have a good one – you can too.  Much love as always xxx

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3 responses to “Review Of 2010

  1. Hey James, I totally agree with the comment about Hull! I've spent two days here and it reminds me why I went to Uni and made something of my life – I cant imagine been here with three kids living in the same streets etc. Hull itself is not bad, it's just full of a lot of people with no motivation in life. Mind you, you can say that about much of the UK too. Here's to Cameron et al and the benefits cuts in 2011! Whoop Whoop!

  2. Nice post mate, I don't think people understand how good we have it in this country some times! Hope everyone is paying down their mortgages with cheap interest rates at the moment. 2011 is going to be a very interesting year if they go up again.

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