What Went Wrong?

I did say that we didn’t deserve to win the World Cup, given that the Premiership has ruined football. But it isn’t exactly as if I chose to be English. I am. And I still like football. And I still wanted England to win.

Maybe I got it completely wrong on Friday, and that it was the English who were always going to capitulate to Germany so as to build the German’s confidence to ensure they can knock the smile off the face of Diego Maradona.

Clearly though, picking Scousers was always going to be a downfall, and I don’t think a foreign manager can understand quite as easily that there is quite a divide between Scouse thinking and London thinking.

Having Gerrard as captain was a mistake, but Capello probably had no choice, having stripped Terry of the captaincy.

Continuing to play an out-of-sorts Rooney was a mistake. Just look at Crouch’s goal record.

And why Carragher went when he previously resigned from playing for England, I just do not know.

John Terry did enough to fuck it all up by fucking around. I must admit I do find it a bit difficult to cheer on teams with cheaters.

It does at least feel pretty normal to have lost against Germany. Disappointment is quite reassuring, as winning the World Cup would have been a bit too strange.

I can at least go back to the rest of my life now and forget that football exists, though I might recover in time for the World Cup final.

Though that will be the night after Cocoon In The Park – something far more important and enjoyable than bloody football.

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