Why England Cannot Possibly Lose To Germany

Some things will be classed as fate, but other things will be classed as the collective will of the absolute total majority of the right-thinking population of the world.

Now unless Mexico throw a spanner in the works, whoever wins out of England and Germany on Sunday, will play Argentina in the next round.

It is in every Englishman’s blood to beat any Argentinian, far more than it is a German – after all the Germans are good people (I’m sure the Argentinians are too but I just get a tiny bit irked by their Falklands demands, and one or two other bits of history).

Anyway, so there is no choice but for England to beat Germany, to get the chance to beat Argentina.

But more importantly than that, every right-thinking mind in the world, will want to see that smug grin knocked off Diego Maradona’s face by England, after he cheated his way to world cup victory, and the general disgrace he has been to the sport over the years.

And this I believe will include the majority of the German nation and their players.

Sure, they will make it look tough, maybe even take us to penalties, but they will let us win as surely it would give them even greater joy to see England knock Diego Maradona out of the World Cup?

Surely every German is thinking along these lines? Germans are not known for putting nationalism over decent-thinking nowadays – they are giving billions to Greece after all!

Got to give some love to the Germans, one of my favourite nations in the world (assuming they do as they should on Sunday).

And I hope you will love them forever too.

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