Where Is Curtis Davies?

I didn’t expect much this World Cup.

OK that’s a slight bending of the truth as I expected us to beat Italy and Uruguay – and lose to Costa Rica.  100% wrong so far.  And then lose in the 2nd round.

I don’t want to spend long criticising England, because I stink and really need a shower, I thought Rooney was very good and deserved his place, Baines was good, Henderson good and I could compliment various others.  And I am satisfied with Hodgson.

What I cannot defend is the…defence.  And the central defence in particular.

Perhaps we were just overly blessed in the past with Terry, Ferdinand, Campbell, Butcher, Pallister – I have overlooked several others.

I should insert here that I am a Hull City AFC fan and I have watched almost every game of ours this year.

And I could not understand why Curtis Davies was not looked at before the tournament.

He has been absolutely immense, all season.

I am convinced that if he was in the centre of defence, we would not have let in those goals, or maybe one of them at most.

So many times this season he repelled balls into the box, so many clearing headers, so many amazing tackles, so many man of the match awards and he is a LEADER.

Do we have any true leaders for England?

We are an averagely decent team with some promise for the future, with a decent manager.  We got to the World Cup and we are not out.

We shouldn’t moan.  Well, not too much anyway.  Anyone stating we shouldn’t be playing Rooney is a moron.  He scored and set up our 2 goals in this tournament.  Has anyone done better?  Could anyone do better?

And may I just say that Suarez is absolutely world class.

I am vaguely proud and satisfied.

If Italy win both games and we win then we are through.  Balotelli wants a kiss off the Queen if Italy beat Costa Rica.  That is quite some image.

For 10 minutes tonight there was hope, the Walkabout went absolutely mental and I had the contents of at least three pints all over me – hence I stink and my mullet is still dripping with beer.

So there is still hope.  Maybe a 10% chance at best.

But without Curtis Davies, I cannot see us keeping a clean sheet against Costa Rica.

Hodgson – call up Curtis Davies.  You will not regret it.


We can still win the World Cup.  In my lifetime.

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