Bills, Bills, Busted Bets, Bats, Balls and Bills

Don’t you love it when a load of bills come in at once?
First a 6 month water bill, then gas and electricity and now
Bastard Atlantis are charging us a hefty sum disguised as a Deed Of Assignment –
I really hate estate agencies.  Especially
Bastard Atlantis.
I’m not totally sure how I am going to be able to afford it –
the following options are available to me:
1.            Cash
2.            Start
shopping at Aldi.
3.            Move out
and then realise that my costs for moving in somewhere else are about £300
4.            Move to
5.            Prostitution.
6.            Win money
from gambling.
7.            Borrow
from the bank, cut back on spending, moan a lot about being ripped off by Bastard
Atlantis, see if our landlord would at least go halves with us on the Bastard
Atlantis charge and continue to use the word ‘bastards’ a lot.
I did nearly come good on number 6 – until last night I had
got 8 out of 9 on a 10 team accumulator – Spain being the team that had let me

Thankfully Russia only drew last night so it was rather less galling – 8 out of
10 correct results is simply just decent credibility – 9 out of 10 is
aaaaarrrrrgh so close to winning £300 to pay for said bills.
Not only bills do I have to pay though, there is the small
matter of spending money and accommodation for my holiday to Croatia to pay for
– I have considered not going but that is throwing £400 away.  Not that I have dared look for replacement accomodation yet.
And how can I not go to Hull City’s away games in Europe?
Looks like I will be borrowing money from the bank once
more.  Ah such is life.
So the plan for the next couple of months has to be spending as much time as possible inside, studying, redesigning my DJ website (only took me a
month to go from loving it to disliking it – what the fuck was I thinking with that banner), launching my web design website/company,
and looking for ways to earn some money.
But I have said it before, and will say it again, I do quite
enjoy the challenge of watching my pennies and being skint.
However before then I do have a small matter of all day
drinking at the cricket in Leeds with my Dad this Saturday.  My first ever test match – how exciting!

Then DJing the week after, maybe out the Saturday after, boat party the weekend
after.  Plus watching England in the

ps Anyone fancy dinner at Bills?

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