Working From Home

Today was the first day that I have ever worked from home.

The company I work for nowadays are actually organised enough to prepare for such eventualities and gave me a laptop on Thursday evening so I could work from home if the snow got bad…and with the huge amount  of work that I have on at the moment, a snow day is the last thing I need.

Needless to say I liked it.  No getting to 530pm and thinking, now I need to get the train and walk lots in the cold…straight to the fridge to pour a glass of wine.

I could make as much noise as I wanted to.  Music was on loud.  I had a little boogie now and again.  It isn’t too hot, cold and there is plentiful oxygen.  I could have sat here naked but I don’t want to frighten the neighbours whilst watching the snow.

I got about as much work done as I would have otherwise, however if I hadn’t gone in and then gone home this morning I would have got more done.

I also had an excellent excuse for not answering the phone.

Downsides – well the laptop is a bit old and clunky unlike the brand new desktop PC at work.

Sadly I suspect it is a one-off…well depending of course on the weather on Monday 😉

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