The World Cup Ball

Why am I blogging at 6am on my week off you may ask? Well the answer is because I have a theory. A dark theory. And I need to get it into writing.

I was getting to like the Germans. Beating them 5-1 many years ago helped. Though not as much as Sven Vath did.

However it seems to me as though there is a problem in this World Cup that hardly any of the teams can control the new ball, the Jabulani.

Adidas, a German company, produced the ball.

I heard before the tournament, many footballers, especially goalkeepers, had concerns about the ball. Watching the football, I can see that players are struggling to get to grips with it. Maybe they will in time.

Though there was one team which looked rather good with the ball.

Germany. They won 4-0.

Oh, and I believe that the German league has been using this ball for the last 6 months.

Co-incidence? Conspiracy? There are questions to be answered…

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