Election Fatigue

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. I haven’t been feeling quite myself, but I think I am back on form now.

On my sickness evaluation form at work, I put down that I had a stomach bug. But upon evaluation, realistically I think it might more accurately be something like election fatigue. I’ve watched so much politics recently that I’ve actually started to like television again!

I have been waiting for many a year for a government, and a leader, to come along who could inspire, and get the country to work. I believe that unless you are capable of living in your very own little bubble (and I think some people are), that you and your thoughts are not only a product of yourself, but a product of the society around you. Everything around you reinforces your beliefs.

Take yourself out of your part of society and into another, and you will find your thoughts changing.

Anyway, so the last 13 years politically kind of went like this for me.

1997 – OK Labour are in. There are societal problems, give them a chance to sort it out, but I am worried they will mess the economy up.
2001 – OK they haven’t fucked up the economy, but they haven’t fixed many of the problems like they said they would.
2002 – Gordon Brown starts pouring money into health and education and this is where our debt starts to build.
2003 – This is where I started to become worried about the amount that I thought was recklessly being spent.
2005 – Another election. I really could not understand why the economy had not tipped into recession by now, and was convinced that it was about to so I wasn’t too worried that Labour won another election as I did not want my preferred Conservatives to get tarred with the brush of causing a recession.
2006 – Where is the recession? Clearly I do not know anything. Absolutely confused despite now studying economics.
2007 – Oh dear, not Gordon Brown. At least he miraculously abolished ‘boom and bust’, as he stated. But I would far rather we had chosen our leader rather than our leader be dictated upon us.
2008 – The reason we didn’t have a much earlier recession is explained to me, in that risk was packaged up in securitisation of structured financial products by the banks, not properly regulated, not properly understood. And we still have Gordon Brown.
2009 – Oh no please not more Gordon Brown
2010 – How much longer do we have to go on for?

I’m worn out. I have election fatigue. I so desperately either want a good new government – or a cock-up of a government to prove my predictions of worse to come correct. I just want it over and done with.

I cannot wait for election day.

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