Why I Am Voting Conservative

Originally when I about 10 years old, it was just because I preferred the colour blue.

Now it is because I want the economy to be repaired. I want a bright, prosperous future for the country I live in, and love.

I fully believe that Labour ruined the country in the 1970’s (3 days a week of electricity, rubbish piled in streets, the country was bankrupt and known as the “sick-man of Europe”).

The Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher rescued the country in the 1980’s and made the country prosperous and proud once more.

Sure, there were some bad ideas like the poll tax (reversed once the unpopularity was accepted), and not everyone prospered – coal-miners for example. However coal mines were not profitable, miners were holding the country to ransom and quite frankly I would rather work in an office than down a mine. The country shifted from one of dirty industry, to more intellectually-based service industries. I am very very happy this transformation took place.

Now we face problems created during the Labour years, the most pressing of which is the perilous economic state due to the huge budget deficit – we owe about £800-$900 billion in loans, and we increase our debt by £160-£170 billion per year (the budget deficit). This has to stop. We are close to bankruptcy. Someone has to grasp this.

Until a few months ago, Gordon Brown was arguing to spend more. Only a little realism from Alastair Darling (the chancellor) has persuaded him otherwise and that was after a year of the Conservatives requesting the we make sensible cuts.

The Conservatives offer hope, as opposed to fear. I trust David Cameron. I believe he really does want the best for the country. I can aspire to be like him. I want to be led by him.

I believe their policies in such things as education and immigration will be very positive for the future of the UK. They also understand that good work has been done to the NHS under Labour and want to continue it (less the thousands of unnecessary managers duplicating administration).

Further to this, the Conservatives want to stop early releases from prisons. They are the only party likely to seriously try to tackle crime, without politically-correct pandering to “criminals human rights”.

There are so many reasons not to vote Labour especially under Gordon Brown, the most negative leader I have known. They give no reasons to vote them – only scare stories not to vote Conservative.

The Liberal Democrats might have some interesting ideas, but they will significantly increase immigration, release 60,000 prisoners from jail, and want to join the Euro. None of which I can agree with.

Labour have had 13 years. If the Conservatives don’t get it right in the next 5, there will be another election, another chance to change things.

Personally I hope for a Conservative majority, but with Liberal Democrats in second, forming the official opposition (they do deserve a chance in direct opposition).

I want the Labour party to go back to their socialist roots and start to represent their core vote.

I’ve given up trying to persuade people who to vote for. But not to persuade people to vote. Thousands if not millions of people died in the past to give us freedom and democracy. Voting is not only a right, it is a responsibility to society.

You should vote in what you believe in. And if you really cannot decide, if you think they are all the same, then pick your favourite colour.

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