Tory-Labour Coalition?

Ok here is one for you.

The election looks likely to return more Conservative MPs than Labour or Liberal Democrats (not definite of course but lets assume for now).

If the Liberal Democrats are not willing to support a minority Conservative government and would rather support a Labour government, what is stopping the Conservatives governing with Labour? After all, Nick Clegg stated in the first debate that they are sounding more and more like each other.

Both sides of course would have conditions.

Conservatives would without doubt want rid of Gordon Brown (and much of Labour probably do too!). Labour would want some prime positions – Alastair Darling could conceivably remain as Chancellor as it wasn’t him who fucked up the economy, that was Gordon Brown. George Osborne does not fill everyone with endearment. Ken Clarke would have to replace the ghastly Lord Mandelson at Business Secretary (who the fuck gave him that title?). Labour could also perhaps look after the NHS and Conservatives education as they have some very interesting and promising ideas.

And neither party would have to cede to a Liberal Democrat demand of proportional representation which would give both parties less MPs than currently.

Is it possible?!

Could a Conservative work with a Gordon Brown-free Labour party?

Would it secure business leader’s confidence?

An interesting idea…I could live with it.

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