Free House Project Review by erm, me

I really, truly loved it.  The only thing which puts more of a post-weekend glow on my face and in my head on a Monday is a trip to fabric, etc.

Though at 7pm on Saturday evening I was getting a little subdued, there were less people there than I was expecting, and that I was hoping/dreaming for – only just scraping into double figures, and I was having those thoughts that it was going to be a waste of my efforts.

But once I got on the decks at 8pm I was truly loving it, I had a fantastic time, I think I played a really good set, certainly considering that it was only the second time I had played out, and pleasingly I had plenty of good feedback…I think I surprised a few people.  It was quite off the cuff, I would say half the tracks I had decided in advance that I wanted to play but not the order in which I played them, the other half were decided about two minutes before I played them.  I surprised myself.  I will do more of a write-up another time and put some links to the tracks I played, however I don’t remember half of what I played!  I have already decided that I want to move onto vinyl one day, but one step at a time.  Next year, perhaps.

Around the same time a steady stream of people was heading in and it was rather busy come 10pm.

Big thanks have to go out to all the DJs who all exceeded high expectations and played cracking sets, with some fantastic house music.  Just what was required.

And a huge thank you to everyone who turned up, old friends, new friends and plenty of people I have never met before.  Apart from DJing which I truly loved, what I enjoyed most was the positive feedback from a surprising amount of people – to be told such things as “the best night out I have had in ages” makes it truly worthwhile.

And very good feedback from Milk Bar itself, and the proprietor, which is massively helpful of course!

So there will definitely be more parties – the next one is already booked in at Milk for Saturday 1st September.  Excited already!

I have learnt quite a fair amount over the last couple of months.  I will always now have a different view on the work that promoters put in.  It really isn’t easy, a lot of work had to go into it.  A lot more than I was expecting.  Designing flyers and ordering the right type is not as easy as it looks.  Finding DJs which are perfect for the event and available is not easy.  Turning down people who want to DJ is not easy, especially if they are friends.  It really was a steep learning curve and I required quite a bit of help from various people – you know who you are.

I feel that I did well with creation and curation, I also am really happy with my DJ set.  I definitely could have done more in the way of promoting but there is only so much time available when you work full-time and there is only one person promoting.  I probably require a better strategy for promoting in the future.

I hope to have more FHP news soon.  The revolution has begun.

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